June in the slipway

So we have reached the end of the first month in the slipway, and we have survived this far! We have blacked four boats, plated one, epoxied one and are in the process of epoxying a second, not to mention cabin painting for yet another.

We have had a lovely range of boats so far this year, from a teeny tiny Springer to a town class Harland and Wolff.

Water Rose ready to relaunch

The town class Chiswick

This week is our youngest boat, a rather cracking 3 year old Aintree Boat, and next week our oldest boat of the year, the venerable Joey boat Mafeking, well over 100 years old. I am very happy to say these have both opted for epoxy paint, although disappointed that neither could be persuaded into a coloured top-coat.

We use Jotun two-pack paints, the wonderful Jotamastic 87 as the base coats, and Jotun Hardtop XP for a lovely semi-gloss finish in any colour you could want! (These all just happen to be green!)


There have been many discussions about longevity of epoxy paints, Jotun estimate a 10 year life if correctly applied. We haven’t been using it long enough to be definitive, but but we can assure you that it is considerably longer lasting than bitumen! We definitely rate it – all three of our own boats have now had their years of bitumen removed, and epoxy applied.

Back to this season, we have some really great enthusiastic staff, including a very handy new woodworker, and Jon and I are really enjoying the team. Sadly, the official Team GB dogs are something of a trial this year, poor old @IIzYoric hasn’t been very well, and mischievous young @Kara_TAP has been maintaining her reputation as the escapuppy. But they are vital in terms of team morale, and they do give the customers an extravagant welcome!

As ever, we aim to be your one-stop-shop for boating maintenance needs. Get in contact if we can help, and if you do want to come out of the water this year, let me know ASAP. A few slots left, but filling fast.

Happy boating lovelies.