Autumn/Winter 2015

So 2015 has been another busy year for Green Boats. New records were set in the slipway; more boats, more staff, more painting and especially more epoxy than ever before. We filled every slot that we had during our time available and bar a couple of exceptions all the launching and relaunching was done on time giving plenty of notice and making life easier for our hosts, Salter’s Steamers. Our ever widening customer base is bringing us new and interesting work as well as new and interesting friends.

Thanks this year to our very good friends on the beautiful wide beam boats Odin IV and Wychcraft, who came days upstream to us all the way from Bourne End Marina, Bucks, for shiny new epoxy bottoms.


And special thanks to @NB_Coqui for the loan of an actual green boat, their tender Sapo, with a fabulous little electric motor, which was both incredibly useful and fantastic fun.

We had a nice autumnal treat relocating a boat from Brentford to Oxford, which we documented some of with timelapse video available on our new YouTube channel.

Yoric 2015 has sadly also been a year of bereavements for us, including the loss of elderly official Green Boats dog Yoric.
Kara is still learning to fill his role, she is certainly very relaxed about boating. Kara_boating

As many of you know, we mostly shut down over the winter in order to focus on large projects and because hypothermia often offends. This year the primary focus will be Pirate Princess, an ex-community boat of the Pirate Club in London, now in private hands and having a major systems refit.

Pirate Princess

We will be available for emergency callouts and potentially for tea-fuelled planning sessions for projects for 2016. We do not yet have dates for the 2016 slipway season, these are likely to be available in the spring. However, we already have a couple of boats on the waiting list, and we are happy to add you to it.

Have a safe winter, and get some icicle cruising in if conditions allow. It is worth the potential frostbite for the views, but DO STAY SAFE!

If you do need us in an emergency, we have pumps and generators available at short notice and can assist with most domestic engineering/electrical/plumbing/heating incidents that might otherwise spoil your boat-lives.

For £150 we will attend within 2 hours with necessary equipment and supplies and provide up to two hours labour, available in Oxford, Abingdon, Kidlington or anywhere in between.