A Temporary Hiatus

It is with great regret that we have to announce that we have become temporarily unable to meet the demands of offering boat repair services in the City of Oxford.

Until further notice we are having to withdraw ourselves from offering any services to new customers, until we are able to meet the demands of outstanding customers and ongoing projects. In the meantime we are endeavouring to keep up with existing projects with an emphasis on not letting anyone down by over-stretching ourselves.

Partly, this is due to the fact we are unable to offer any out-of-water repair services in Oxford this year, although we hope to return to this once any opportunity to do so exists once more. Our preferred site at Salter’s Steamers boatyard near Donnington Bridge is not available due to their own commitments for the passenger boat fleet, which we all agree must be a priority for them.

Some of the matters that have led to us to reach this unfortunate conclusion include ongoing work on our own boats The Pug, Element and Pirate Princess (which themselves are apparently never-ending!). But also:

We’ve been fundraising and offering personal support to John Simmonds, who lost his home, the narrowboat One Old Peculier during a winter storm in February. For updates follow the One Old Peculier facebook page.

We’ve also become heavily involved with fighting the council’s proposal to introduce an Oxford Waterways Public Space Protection Order, which will affect all potential users of the waterways in Oxford and is part of an ongoing attack by Oxford City Council against liveaboard boaters. This campaign against this poor legislation must be broader than boaters, and would benefit from your additional support. For updates follow the Say No to the PSPO facebook page.

We’re aware that we have been pretty poor at social media recently, and equally as bad at responding to emails and phone calls, but we hope that this hiatus will enable us to come back stronger than ever before and continue our work supporting the boating community of Oxford and the wider waterways.

Watch this space – Team GB.